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Fashion Buy Design is presently accepting trendy “in season” merchandise for consignment!

Consignment Guidelines and Policies is an extremely fashionable online boutique. Our customers are searching for current, classic, high-end fashion and accessories. As a result, we offer items that are as trendy and current as possible to remain competitive. We are only interested in accepting high-end designer consignment pieces. If you need guidance, please send us an email or check our designer list.

We primarily accept designer handbags on consignment. In addition, we also accept fine jewelry, better costume jewelry, shoes, other accessories and some clothing (better brand name, high-end designer brands) as well. Shoes and clothing will only be accepted if they are new with tags, almost brand new, or if they are of an extremely high-end designer label.

For us to accept your item, it must be in excellent condition, and if it is a clothing item, must be completely cleaned and pressed. We do not accept out-of-season items for consignment. In addition, you must provide us verification of the authenticity of your items. We never accept replicas, of any sort. EVERY SINGLE ITEM WILL BE PERSONALLY AUTHENTICATED PRIOR TO BEING ACCEPTED FOR CONSIGNMENT. Good items to provide to assist us with this process include sales receipts, or any authenticity documents that you may have. Keep in mind that if you retain the proper authentication documents, as well as other things like original packaging, your items will often command much higher sale prices.

We personally inspect and appraise each individual piece, which we then price based on actual market value according to our expert opinion. If you have questions, we will discuss pricing with you, but we will set the final price based on our own valuation. If you are unhappy with the pricing, you are welcome to take the item back. Do keep in mind that typical depreciation on clothing items is around half the moment they are taken off the rack and before you even account for wearing them. Some brands do retain value better than others, but they are the exception, not the rule. We can not offer quotes without physically seeing the merchandise. We will, though, email you a detailed report of the entire inventory once we have completed our pricing evaluation. You will receive this within 3 days of our receipt of the goods. Please be aware that as time passes and your items do not sell, they may be subject to one or more price reductions in an attempt to get them sold.

If you are not local, we will provide you our shipping account to send in your items. If you decide not to consign them with us, you will bear the return shipping costs. A valid credit card number must be provided to us within 7 days notice in order to process the return of unaccepted items. If you fail to do so, the items become our property, and we will donate them to a charity of our choice. You must contact us regarding the return of items that remain unsold after 90 days. If after 7 days following the end of your consignment, you have not picked up or made arrangements for your items to be returned, they will, without further notice, become our property and we may choose to donate them as well. Half of all shipping costs, if any, of items accepted for consignment, will be borne by the consignor; we deduct half the cost from your payment. We bear the other half of the cost.

Our typical contract is 90 days in length, with the rate of the consignment a 50% split between both parties. We issue payment to consignors whose items have successfully sold by the 15th of the month following the month of the sale. We can issue payment either via PayPal or check, at the consignor’s preference. For more information, make sure you visit the Consignment Frequently Asked Questions page of our web site. For specific questions, please contact us.

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